Privacy policy

Privacy policy

With an understanding of the importance of the personal information of our customers, and in order to pursue the below activities to deliver improved products and services to our customers, K.K. crossEffect (hereafter referred to as "crossEffect") shall responsibly protect the personal information of our customers.

1.(Compliance with laws and regulations)
crossEffect shall comply with the Personal Information Protection Act and comply with relevant guidelines and instructions.
2.(Company Policies)
crossEffect shall establish policies to protect personal information and systems that handle personal information, such as establishing necessary rules for all company regulations and operations and appointing a responsible person for each department.
3.(Collection of Personal Information)
When collecting personal information from customers, crossEffect shall first specify the intended purpose and obtain permission, and collect information within the range necessary to fulfill the intended purpose.
4.(Usage of Personal Information)
crossEffect shall only use customer personal information for the stated purpose with which the information was collected and may not use the information for purposes other than the original stated purpose.
5.(Verification of Accuracy)
crossEffect shall take necessary measures to ensure personal information about customers remains accurate and up to date.
6.(Measures for Safe Management)
crossEffect shall take strict steps to manage personal information about customers and take safety precautions to prevent against unauthorized access, loss, damage, modification or leak incidents.
7.(Internal Awareness Training)
crossEffect shall establish training guidelines for its employees regarding protection of personal information, and ensure awareness of these guidelines is disseminated throughout the company.
8.(Audit of Outsourcers)
While handling personal information about customers, crossEffect may outsource certain activities to third parties within the range of the original intended purpose. crossEffect shall audit the outsource partners to ensure the strict handling of personal information.
9.(Limitations to Sharing with Third Parties)
Other than as required by laws or regulations, crossEffect shall not share or disclose personal information about customers without permission. However, the following exceptions apply.
  • • It is necessary to disclose information about the customer to provide service to the customer.
  • • A representative of the company requires the information to provide service to the customer.
  • • If agreement has been obtained from the customer.
  • • Disclosure has been requested by a public agency (police, court, etc.) in accordance with law.
  • • violate the terms of usage, or it has been otherwise deemed necessary to protect the rights or services of crossEffect.
10.(Disclosure or Modification of Personal Information)
customer requests to confirm or modify personal information held by crossEffect, crossEffect shall respond reasonably and without delay within the range of necessary action.
11.(Continual Review of Internal Policies)
crossEffect shall strive to continually review regulations and departments regarding handing of personal information to ensure that they remain effective and appropriate.
12.(Limitation of Liability)
this website contains links to other websites, crossEffect shall not be held liable for protection of personal information with regards to these external websites.
13.(Requests or Comments Regarding Personal information)
Please contact the following with any questions or comments regarding personal information. crossEffect Corporation
TEL : 075(622)2600

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