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What can crossEffect provide for you?

Fast, stress-free prototyping services.

Prototyping Services

/Rapid prototyping

24 hour service, clear lithography service and small economy services available.
  • - Good for concept models, tradeshow models, silicon mold masters and more.
  • - Fine details and smooth surfaces.
  • - Uses liquid photopolymer to create 3D plastic prototypes
  • - Accuracy up to ±0.1mm.
  • - Various levels of transparency and finishing.
Stereolithography/Rapid prototyping

Vacuum Casting

Delivery in as little as 3 days,
mirror finishing, insert casting and
combination casting available.
  • - Good for promotional models, marketing tests, feasibility tests and low volume production.
  • - Casted items are of a quality nearly equal to that of the final product and have short lead times.
  • - Uses silicon molds made from stereo lithography masters.
  • - Approximately 20 casts can be made per mold.
Vacuum Casting

Product Design

Initial sketches can be drawn on-the-spot.
Rapid design service also available.
  • - Save time, energy and money by developing your product in one stop.
  • - We will work with you from start to finish, even if all you have is an idea.
  • - We can start with an initial sketch and work through the final prototype.
Product Design

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